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FEA Export Instructions

The new Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products online product selector also allows you to create custom files containing property data to be exported and used by your FEA software, including SolidWorks, NEiWorks, ANSYS, and ALGOR. SolidWorks Instructions | ANSYS Instructions  | ALGOR Instructions | NEiWorks Instructions

Exporting to SolidWorks

  • From either the Search page, or the Folder Maintenance page, you can choose "Export to SolidWorks" in the Materials Folder dropdown box. Hit Go to execute the command.

  • A File Download window will appear, asking you to either open or save the document. Choose "Save", give the file an appropriate name, and save the file in your SolidWorks directory, sldmaterials folder. By default its C:\Program Files\SolidWorks\lang\english\sldmaterials

  • The materials in the folder will then be available in your SolidWorks material library.


Exporting to ANSYS


Exporting to ALGOR


Exporting to NEiWorks

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